The main goal of this course will be to provide comprehensive overview of the regulation of cell signaling in development and diseases.
1. Cell signaling and growth factors in development (2 volumes)
Publisher: WILEY-VCH, 2006
2. Apoptosis, cell signaling, and human diseases: molecular mechanisms (2 volumes)
Publisher: Totowa, N. J.: Humana Press, c2007
Current literatures

This course will includes lectures from many scientists who work on signaling in development and diseases.

Lectures, literature reading/presentation and discussion
Major topics that will be included in the course:
1. Cell signaling in development
2. Cell signaling in developmental diseases
3. Cell signaling in degenerative diseases
4. Cell signaling in cancers
5. Cell signaling in stroke
6. Cell signaling in infectious diseases
7. Cell signaling in other diseases
Attendance: 20%, Class performance: 30%, Presentation/discussion: 50%

There will be no midterm, final exam or term paper.