copied form 09420 神經科學概論

一、課程說明(Course Description)
This course is intended to give students an overview on neuroscience. No biology background is required for this course, as long as you are interested in how brain works.

If you would like to know more details of Neuroscience after this course, you may take an advanced Neuroscience course (LSMM525200).

二、指定用書(Text Books)



Neuroscience (by Dale Purves, George J. Augustine, David Fitzpatrick, William C. Hall, Anthony-Samuel Lamantia, James O. McNamara, S. Mark Williams, Sinauer Associates; 3rd edition, June, 2004)

四、教學方式(Teaching Method)

Lecture and discussion


Lecture 1 Electric signals of nerve cells
Lecture 2 Voltage-dependent membrane permeability and ion channels
Lecture 3 Synaptic transmission
Lecture 4 Model neural systems
Lecture 5 How neural circuit works
Lecture 6 Neural plasticity
Lecture 7 The past, presnt and future of Brain-Machine-Interface


Lecture 8 Neuroanatomical bases of behavior
Lecture 9 Plasticity of mature synapse and circuit
Lecture 10 Modification of brain circuit as a result of experience
Lecture 11 Sleep and wakefulness
Lecture 12 Sex and sexuality
Lecture 13 Emotion
Lecture 14 Memory
Lecture 15 Drug addiction


張兗君 part: Mid term exam

葉世榮 part: Report


It will be announced in the class.