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一、課程說明(Course Description)
學習運用細胞生物學之知識 學習如何用實驗來驗證或發現細胞的生命現象
To learn the basic technique and methods in cell biology and to further apply the knowledge of cell biology to design experiments

二、指定用書(Text Books)



Morgan, K. S. 2000. Current Potocols in Cell Biology, Wiley-Liss, New York
Freshney, R. I. 2000. Culture of Aminal Cells. A Manual of Basic Techniques, 4th ed. Wiley-Liss, New York
Baker K. 1998. At the Bench. A laboratory navigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.
Research papers (will be delievered)

四、教學方式(Teaching Method)

(1) 練習設計實驗 (如實驗目的 實驗背景 所需儀器設備 材料 預期結果)
(2) 在實驗室實際動手操作 以驗證自己之實驗設計
(3) 討論檢討 修正實驗設計


Part II. Mammalian Cell Culture --Prof. Linyi Chen 陳令儀

Mammalian Cell Culture
- Introduction and basic technique
Introduction of cell culture room

Sterile techniques, medium preparation
Subculturing cells, cell counting
Culturing cells, freezing and thawing cells
Immunostaining actin cytoskeleton structure of fibroblast cells and visualized by fluorescence microscopy
Immunostaining actin cytoskeleton structure of neuron cells and visualized by fluorescence microscopy


For PART II (Chen's part), we will have lab reports and in-class quiz.
Final exam will be presentation of experimental results.
Your grade will depend on the lab report, lab performance, quiz and presentation.

97下 細生實驗 課程進度表
週數 週二 週三 主題 備註
1 2/24 2/25 神經科學基本概念 葉世榮
2 3/3 3/4 細胞的電路概念與model cell 電阻測量
3 3/10 3/11 傾聽神經衝動 即席報告
4 3/17 3/18 螯蝦神經構造與解剖
5 3/24 3/25 電生理儀器設備概念與使用
6 3/31 4/1 停課,校際活動週(春假)
7 4/7 4/8 膜電位測量 resting membrane potential
8 4/14 4/15 興奮性神經電位與動作電位
9 4/21 4/22 實驗成果驗收
10 4/28 4/29 Lecture: 介紹助教, 生圖看錄影帶, 儀器, 器材, 實驗室介紹, 學期評分說明 陳令儀
Lab: Clean culture room, 練習使用pipetaid, pipetman, 練習sterile techniques
11 5/5 5/6 Lecture: 介紹光學顯微鏡(助教), 介紹動物細胞培養 (陳令儀)
Lab: 配製培養基, 觀察細胞, feed cells
12 5/12 5/13 Lecture: Methods for cell counting and freezing cells
Lab: 觀察細胞, 分細胞, 細胞計數, 凍細胞
13 5/19 5/20 Lecture: Introducing actin cytoskeleton structure of cells and actin staining technique (陳令儀), introducing immunofluorescence microscopy and the usage offluorescence microscope (助教)
Lab: 解凍細胞, 觀察細胞
14 5/26-5/30 5/27-5/30 Lecture:小考(90 min) 5/28端午節
Lab: Staining actin cytoskeleton structure of COS-7 cells with rhodamine phalloidin, taking images (please make reservation ahead of time and show up to use the microscope on time)
15 6/2-6/6 6/3-6/6 "Lab: Staining actin cytoskeleton structure of neuronal cells (differentiated
PC12 cells) with rhodamine phalloidin, taking images"
16 6/9 6/10 Final exam (1h)
Presentation of actin staining results
17 6/16 6/17 課程移至5/28-5/30
18 6/23 6/24 課程移至6/4-6/6 期末考週