Physics 2010: 實驗物理一
Course objectives:
Physics 2010 is a one semester course intended to give students an introduction to basic laboratory techniques in the context of classical mechanics and electromagnetism. The course consists of a 4-hour lecture/lab-period per week. This is a hands-on class. You will have one lab partner for each experiment.

The primary goal of the course is to introduce students to basic concepts in experimental physics including:
1. acquire basic concepts related to the experiments
2. learn how to make reliable measurements
3. understand standard measurement techniques for several physical properties.
4. choose the appropriate instruments and measurement techniques for a given measurement task.
5. Connect computers to instruments, acquire data, and perform analysis of data
6. learn how to write a laboratory report
7. learn how to approach an experiment systematically.

The topics/labs covered include:
1. 重力常數測量
2. 力學振盪
3. 力學耦合振盪
4. 地磁測量
5. 磁場測量
6. 磁滯曲線
7. Hall effects
8. 熱電效應與溫度測量應用
9. 電學基本量測
10. 交流電路與相位