1. Course description

Basically we shall cover the following topics.
Holomorphic functions in several variables, Subharmonic functions, Hartogs' theorem, Domain of holomorphy, Automorphisms of bounded domains.

2. Text Books

R. Narasimhan: Several Complex Variables, the University of Chicago Press.

3. References

(i) So-Chin Chen and Mei-Chi Shaw: Partial Differential Equations in Several Complex Variables, Studies in Advanced Mathematics, no. 19, IP-AMS.
(ii) L. Hormander: An introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Complex Variables, Van Nostrand.
(iii) S. Krantz: Function Theory of Several Complex Variables, 2nd edition, Wadsworth, Belmont, California.
(iv) R. M. Range: Holomorphic Functions and Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables, Graduate Texts in Math., Vol.108, Springer-Verlag.

4. Teaching Method

Lecture. Students are required to lecture in class too.

5. Syllabus

6. Evaluation

It will be announced in the first class.