1. Course Descreption
Systems neuroscience studies functions of neural systems from aspects of
molecules, cells, circuits and behavior, and has become a major trend in
neuroscience research. In this course, we wish to provide students an
opportunity to explore the disciplines associated with systems neuroscience and
to learn the brain functions, complex congnitive behaviors and neurological
disorders at different levels. Furthermore, the course is designed to expose
students to latest topics and technology developments in systems neuroscience.
Students with any background are welcome but basic knowledge in biology is

2. Textbooks
The course does not assign any textbook

3. References
-- Eric Kandel, James Schwartz and Thomas Jessell. Principles of
Neural Science. McGraw Hill Medical; 5 edition (2008)
-- Dale Purves, Neuroscience. 4th ed. Sinauer Associates Inc
-- Michael S. Gazzanga. The Cognitive Neurosciences, 4th ed. The
MIT Press (2009)

4. Teaching Method
The course is mainly taught by Professors Chung-Chuan Lo (羅中泉), Hui-Yun Chang
(張慧雲) and Fan-Pei Yang (楊梵孛) and is supported by Professor Chuan-Chin Chiao
(焦傳金) for the portions of visual systems. We will also invite 2-3 experts in
and/or outside the campus to give lectures on special topics in systems
neuroscience. Students are required to attend at least two neuroscience seminar
talks outside the course and write two reports on the talks as their term paper

5. Syllabus
1. [9/20] Introduction to neurons & nervous systems (Lo)
2. [9/27] Sensory systems: vision (Chiao)
3. [10/04] Sensory systems: audition (Invitation: Prof. Yi-Wen Liu)
4. [10/11] Sensory systems: olfaction (Lo)
5. [10/18] Motor systems (Chang)
6. [10/25] Cognition: learning and memory (Lo)
7. [11/01] Cognition: introduction (Yang)
8. [11/08] Cognition: language & executive functions (Yang)
9. [11/15] Cognition: visual perception (Chiao)
10. [11/22] Midterm exam
11. [11/29] Modern approach: genetics & systems biology (Chang)
12. [12/06] Modern approach: connectomics & functional anatomy
(Invitation: Prof. Ann-Shyn Chiang)
13. [12/13] Modern approach: Computer modeling (Lo)
14. [12/20] Brain disorders & diseases I (Chang)
15. [12/27] Brain disorders & diseases II (Yang)
16. [01/03] Special topics (Invitation)
17. [01/10] Special topics: A neuron's epic love story: synapse development and
maintenance (Invitation: Prof. Ben Peng)
18. [01/17] Final exam

6. Evaluation

-- Midterm exam (35%)
-- Final exame (35%)
-- Writing assignment (Reports on seminar talks) (30%)

7. Course website

All course materials will be available on the moodle website