-- Course Description:

"The thermodynamics is a subbranch of Physics Chemistry"
The branch of physical chemistry known as thermodynamics is concerned with the
study of the transformations of energy and, in particular, the transformation of
heat into work and vice versa.

-- Syllabus:

Classical Thermodynamics (Macro-Scale)
Chapter 1: The First Law
Chapter 2: The Second Law
Chapter 3: Physical transformations of pure substances
Chapter 4: Simple mixtures
Chapter 5: Chemical equilibrium
chapter 6: Phase Diagram
Chapter 7: Molecules in motion
Chapter 8: The rates of chemical reactions
Chapter 9: Reaction dynamics
Chapter 10: Catalysis

Statistical Thermodynamics (Atom/Molecule)
Chapter 11: Statistical thermodynamics 1: the concepts
Chapter 12: Statistical thermodynamics 2: applications

-- Evaluation:

30% Homework
30% Midterm exam
30% Final exam