10120CS 591300 學術英文寫作 Academic Research Writing

Credit: 3
Time: F6F7F8
Place: Delta Building 613 Room and 資電 323 教室


The main goal of this course is to provide graduate students a guide to acquire knowledge of academic
writing. We will: (1) introduce the organization of academic writings, (2) read and analyze samples of
academic writings (3) assign in-class or take-home exercise on vocabulary, grammar, and (re-)writing (4)
stress on developing students' language awareness and writing skills. Final will be in-class writing.


Midterm 20%
Assignment 80%


教科書:Science Research Writing: A Guide for Non-Native Speakers of English, Glasman-Deal Hilary,
Imperial College Press, 2010
中譯本:科學研究論文寫作 譯者:連程翔,出版社:華樂絲語文顧問有限公司,2012



1. Weissberg, R. & Buker, S. 1990. Writing up Research: Experimental Research Report for Students
of English. Prentice-Hall Inc.
2. Joseph M. William. 2006. Style- Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace, Longman, 9th Ed.
3. Marie L. Waddell, Robert M. Esch, Roberta R. Walker. 1993. The Art of Styling Sentences- 20 Patterns for
Success. Barron's, 3rd Ed.
4. Michael Rundell. 2007. Improve Your Writing Skills, in Macmillan Dictionary for Advanced Learners,
Macmillan ELT, 2nd Ed.
5. J. B. Heaton & N. D. Turton. Longman Dictionary of Common Errors, Longman; 2nd edition,
1996 (384 pages)


1. 認識學術論文寫作
2. 基本寫作技巧
3. 簡介:定位論文的研究空間
4. 相關研究:釐清文獻的時空關係
5. 方法:敘述步驟條理分明
6. 結果:呈現成果圖文並茂
7. 圖表:設計資訊讓數字說話
8. 討論與結論:跳脫與延伸
9. 摘要、標題、關鍵詞:吸引讀者目光
10. 寫作歷程:構思、起草、編輯

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