In this course , we shall use my own lecture note which wll be posted in my website. The students will be asked to use Matlab to do numerical simulation of various mathematical models in biology. The contents of the course are followings:
(1) Population Growth of Single Species: Logistic Equation and discretized logistic equation.
(2) Two-species competition models , predator-prey models and food chain models with Lotka-Volterra type.
(3)Age structure population model of Leslie type and Von Foster type.
(4) Evolution models in population biology.
(5) Mathematical models in chemistry and physiology.
The undergraduate students with major in biology and physics or other majors are also welcome to take this course.
Reference Books:
(1)Sarah P. Otto and Troy Day: A biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution.
(2) Martin A. Nowak: Evolutionary Dynamics exploring the equation of life.
(3)Linder Allen: Introduction to Mathematical Biology.

Grade Policy:
The students are asked to hand in the homework regularly and doing computer simulation with Matlab.
The final examination will be paper presentation or take-home examination.