In this course, we shall introduce undergraduate students the methods of modeling in biological science,
physical science and modern technology. Besides the modeling, we shall introduce various mathematical
techniques in solving the problems in the models, for instance, the linearization method for nonlinear
differential equations.

I shall use my own lecture notes and there are reference books as follows:
(1)Avner Friedman , Chui-Yen Kao: Mathematical medeling of biological process,Sp[ringer (2014)
(2) Christiane Rousseau, Yvan Saint-Aubin: Mathematics and Technology, Springer (2008).

The syllables are follows:
(i)Continuous models: Single species growth, Logistic equation; multiple species interactions: predator-prey
model, competition models.
(ii) Discrete map: discretized logistic map, age structure model.
(iii) Chemical reactions and enzyme kinetics
(iv) Infectious disease and epidemics.
(v) Mathematics and technology: mathematical models of GPS, search engine, Robotic motion.

Grading Policy:

(1) Homework 20%
(2)Mid-term 40%
(3)Final Exam. 40%