Date Lecturer Chapter(s)
September 13 No class
September 20 Lin, Y.R08;C. 林玉俊 10+11 “Biomembrane Structure” +
“Transmembrane Transport of Ions
and Small Molecules”
September 27 Lin, Y.R08;C. 林玉俊 20 “Integrating Cells into Tissues”
October 04 Wagner, O. 王歐力 17 “Cell Organization and Movement I:
October 11 Wagner, O. 王歐力 18 “Cell Organization and Movement II:
Microtubules and Intermediate
October 18 First Exam
October 25 Peng, M.-D. 彭明德 13 “Moving Proteins into Membranes and
November 01 Fu, H.-W. 傅化文 14 “Vesicular Traffic, Secretion, and
November 08 Fu, H.-W. 傅化文 15 “Signal Transduction and G Protein-
Coupled Receptors”
November 15 Peng, M.-D. 彭明德 16 “Signaling Pathways That Control Gene
November 22 Midterm Exam
November 29 Sang, T. -K. 桑自剛 19 “Regulating the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle”
December 06 Sang, T. -K. 桑自剛 24 “Cancer”
December 13 Chen, L. 陳令儀 21 “Stem Cells, Cell Asymmetry, and Cell
December 20 Chen, L. 陳令儀 22 “Nerve Cells”
December 27 Final Exam

Textbook (required reading): Lodish et al., “Mol. Cell Biol.” 7th Edition