Text Books:
MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY (8th Edition) by Lodish, Berk, Kaiser, Krieger, Scott,
Bretscher, Ploegh, and Matsudaira

Date Lecturer Chapter
March 03 Lin, Y.R08;C. 林玉俊 07+11 “Biomembrane Structure” +
Transmembrane Transport of Ions and Small
March 10 Lin, Y.R08;C. 林玉俊 20 “Integrating Cells into Tissues”
March 17 Perng, M.-D. 彭明德 13 “Moving Proteins into Membranes and
March 24 Perng, M.-D. 彭明德 16 “Signaling Pathways That Control Gene
March 31 First Exam
April 07 Fu, H.-W. 傅化文 14 “Vesicular Traffic, Secretion, and
April 14 Fu, H.-W. 傅化文 15 “Signal Transduction and G Protein-
Coupled Receptors”
April 21 Wagner, O. 王歐力 17 “Cell Organization and Movement I:
April 28 Wagner, O. 王歐力 18 “Cell Organization and Movement II:
Microtubules and Intermediate Filaments”
May 05 Midterm Exam
May 12 Sang, T. –K. 桑自剛 19 “The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle”
May 19 Sang, T. –K. 桑自剛 24 “Cancer”
May 26 Chiu, Y.-H. 邱于芯 21 “Stem Cells, Cell Asymmetry, and Cell
June 02 Chiu, Y.-H. 邱于芯 22 “Cells of the Nervous System”
June 09 Final Exam